One mistake sellers often make is taking feedback too personally.  Below is a good example of what I am talking about.  My feedback was ‘the house was neat and well kept but smelled like dog’.  I received this as a reply directly from the seller.  It is also worth noting my clients liked the house and thought replacing the carpet would remedy the pet odor issue…as they had done so in the previous home they bought.   In the end, it’s not a big issue and certainly not worth getting upset over.

“I would like to respond to your feedback from your showing this morning in my home.  I appreciate you taking the time to show our home to your client; however I must tell you how unprofessional I felt your comments were.  I made a point to let you know this morning that we had been out of town until late last night, and that I really didn’t have the time to get my house as I prefer it to be.  As a realtor, surely you can tell when you walk into a home whether or not the homeowners take pride in their property.  When someone is out of town, clearly the home is closed up, etc.  By looking at my house, you should have been able to see that I had clearly taken the short amount of time I had to have the house more than presentable for you and your client.  I’m not sure that the “house is well kept” is very congruent with it “smelling like dog”.  For what it’s worth…..your comments are the only ones we have received of this nature.

I’m certain you don’t particularly care whether or not your comments are offensive, but I must tell you that they were.” – Homeowner