Unrealistic expectations can flood the pool of emotions of sellers throughout the selling process if they’re not educated on specific market conditions before listing their home. Being prepared and hiring the right agent will ensure the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress.

So many sellers fall into the trap after listening to the dog and pony show of the long standing big name local listing agent. In a lot of cases, the sellers aren’t aware this old school agent may not be up to date on Internet marketing activitie, and the loss of this sole tactic can cut traffic in half.

Marketing homes correctly and thoroughly online is critical to selling a property. Before hiring a listing agent, make sure they provide full Internet exposure to all local and national sites as part of their plan.

The key to selling a house is to be the best choice among the competition. Be priced the best, show the best, and accommodate agents and their buyers.  Have your realtor make certain the appraised value will be higher or the about the same as the contract price.

If buyers are able to find your house easily online, they don’t care what brand is on your for sale sign. Hire someone you trust and someone that’s responsive to your calls and emails. Make sure your agent provides solid evidence and guidance on pricing and staging, as well as strong Internet marketing skills.

Prior to listing, refresh your house with neutral paint. Clean or replace flooring; and clear out unnecessary items. Brighten your home with as much light as possible. Spruce up the landscaping, especially in the front of the house. Besides your listing price, buyers are attracted most by the photos shown online. Professional photography goes a long way. Present your home show-ready when the pictures are taken.

Don’t sweat it, competition is brutal today. However hiring the right professional to help you sell for the best price and terms possible will eliminate a lot of the unnecessary pain.

photo credit: flutecake via photopin cc