Recently, while searching for homes in the central Ohio area, I was astounded to find such casual images of houses on the market. This is a tough time for sellers. The market is currently flooded with homes and sellers need to ask themselves “what makes their home special?” Buyers need to be lured in with images that make them want to see more, but focusing on your garage or your property’s foliage is not going to attract the eye of the average buyer.

It became obvious that many sellers were concentrating on areas of their homes that they felt important, such as a hand-painted wall mural or a stained glass window. While the home owner may feel these shots are distinctive, I felt they could be deemed distracting.  So, sellers, ask yourselves what’s important to you when purchasing a home? I am sure it is not a mural, but more likely a spacious great room or a newly remodeled kitchen. Then capture it in your pictures to motivate buyers to come see your home!