I go to a lot of closings. It’s such an important appointment  for both a home seller and buyer and yet a lot of realtors forget who the focus should actually be on and instead do some really silly stuff. Here are my top 5 annoyances of realtors at a closing:

  1. Leaving a vibrating phone on the table.  I find the vibration of a phone to be just as disruptive, if not more, than the ringer on a cell phone. What’s the point of “silencing” it if it’s still making noise for all to hear? INSTEAD: Keep the phone in your pocket or purse on vibrate. If you truly care about focusing on a successful sale for your client, you’ll miss a couple phone calls while you’re in the closing.

  2. Arriving unprepared.  When you show up to a closing and have all your file papers disorganized and thrown into a folder that you have to rifle through to find what you need, you look very unprofessional and shows how little attention you gave to the file during the transaction. INSTEAD: Sort through your files before the meeting so everything is in order and you know exactly where to find the documents you’ll need to provide.

  3. Eating. This one may seem obvious (at least to me). But I actually witnessed the listing agent at my last closing eat a bagel and cream cheese as we were finishing the transaction. INSTEAD: Allow yourself time to eat before or after. We’re there to get things done so be respectful of others’ time.

  4. Too much talk.  There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on your closing documents and listening to someone babble in the background about something that has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand. INSTEAD: Again, be respectful of everyone’s time. This is a closing and not happy hour.

  5. Showing up late to collect the check.  I love this one. Agent shows up for the last 5 minutes of the closing, collects the check and then disappears. INSTEAD: Think about how actions like this are impacting your image as a realtor and a business person. People are making decisions about what is important to you when all you care about if getting the money.