Top Ten Homebuyer Tips

  1. Evaluate your situation; look at job security and future changes with your family. Determine your comfortable monthly payment amount.
  2. Organize your finances; get pre-approved and know what funds you’ll need to close.
  3. Hire a real estate agent. A home purchase is too large of an investment and too complicated to wing it on your own.
  4. Define your needs for a home, and understand there will be compromises you’ll need to make either on price, location, condition, or size.
  5. Research areas of interest. Understand school district ratings, taxes, conveniences, recent sales, and current inventory of homes on the market.
  6. Negotiate the best terms for your situation; your agent will help you accomplish this.  Even new builds are negotiable.
  7. Schedule and attend the home inspections.
  8. Ask for Repairs to be completed by licensed and bonded contractors. Get copies of the receipts and warranties.
  9. Use a reputable lender, and compare closing costs in addition to rate.
  10. When making your final selection, don’t only consider your needs in a home, but also think about the needs of the market if and when you decide to sell.