Relocating? Not Sure How to Pick the Right Place? Whenever you’re buying real estate, there are four main factors no matter what market you’re in: price, location, condition, and size. Price is usually fixed, because most everyone has somewhat of a fixed budget. A minimum size is routinely a factor for home-buyers, and condition depending on the price, might be negotiable. However, the biggest hurdle for most home buyers moving to an unfamiliar area is determining the location. Here are the top 10 tips to help decide on the perfect location:

  1. Test the distance to work.
  2. Determine the distances to conveniences/interests such as church, arts, libraries, restaurants, markets, etc..
  3. Evaluate education available in your area; are you located close to schools scoring high marks?
  4. Understand compromises on price vs. location issues, such as power wires and/or railroad tracks. Chances are, if you get a good deal, you’ll sell a good deal to the next buyer..
  5. Consider the age of the general area. If you’re looking for a newer home in an old area, chances are, it doesn’t exist.
  6. Compare lot sizes between developments; some offer big lots, others much smaller.
  7. If you’re considering condo living; weigh the amenities such as health club/pool/parks/fees, etc.. make sure to compare apples to apples!
  8. Do the math on the taxes between areas; Property, income, sales taxes can differ greatly between areas located minutes away from each other
  9. Visit different areas during afternoon and evening hours; walk around in a new area at night.
  10. Shop grocery stores at different times to make sure these are the neighbors you want.

Home is where the heart and family is, but make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure you’re happy with your home whether location plays a role or not.

photo credit: pam’s pics- via photo pin cc