Lack of control is the hardest part of selling a home. Step back for a second and compare buying a home to selling one. When buying you have the money and are driving the transaction. You and your agent can look online at homes, schedule showings, and you initiate the offer. You are in control.

When selling you make sure your home is ready to be viewed, your agent makes the listing active and markets/promotes the home. In the meantime, you’re waiting and waiting for buyers to become interested and for them to take action. Agents can’t drag people into the home, create a market or make offers materialize. This lack of control is the hardest part for sellers to handle because if things are dragging on, you’ll feel more and more compelled to take action and do something. For that matter your agent will also start to feel the same angst. But the hard truth is there is only so much one can do. Assuming your agent is promoting it properly, is priced right for your size, condition and location sometimes waiting is the only thing one can do. Understand what you can and can’t control and react accordingly to minimize your stress.

As an agent, I monitor the market and make sure we’re reacting appropriately to the homes we’re competing with. It is one thing if no other homes are moving in your immediate market and another if yours is languishing while others are sitting. As an agent what I can control is that we are correctly positioned in the market to meet my clients’ goals.

photo credit: Diana Parkhouse via photopin cc