Most sellers place a great deal of weight on the amount of experience a listing agent has in their neighborhood. In theory, this makes sense because past performance seems like a good way to measure future success, right?

Assume all the agents you interview are competent and have some experience. Why would a buyer care about how familiar the listing agent is with the neighborhood or how many homes that agent has sold in the past year? The honest answer is no buyer would care and it certainly wouldn’t factor into how much they are going to offer for a house.

Being the neighborhood expert almost always only matters to one person: the seller. If you want an honest answer from your area expert, tell them you are going to list a $500,000 house in an area they aren’t familiar with and see if they recommend hiring someone else? We all know what the answer to that one will be.

Regardless of how many transactions or how much experience your agent has, remember that you should only care about one transaction. Your own.  Bigger isn’t better. Better is better. So choose someone you can trust and is going to protect your best interest, as opposed to just getting the house sold quickly and easily.

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc