The bad news is that it costs money to sell a home.  The good news is – it’s a LOT cheaper to do so in the greater Columbus area!

According to a recent Columbus Dispatch article, it costs a little under $12,000 to sell the average home in our area.

Where are the costs?

The biggest expense is for real estate agent costs, typically 6%.  BUT, realtors make it easier to sell by helping sellers – and buyers – through the maze of documents, inspections, appraisals – even resources for repairs.  They save sellers TONS of time PLUS costs for advertising, open houses and more.

Home improvement costs are the second biggest costs.  Another BUT – all the old saying goes, “ya gotta do what ya gotta do!”  A home that needs repairs will typically require those to be made.  Some functional repairs MUST be made or the home won’t appraise.  Others are just to make the home “look better.”

Transfers and other fees is the last area of costs.  This covers all the title search/insurance, local government fees, closing fees from the mortgage lender and others.

What Are the Benefits of Working with US?

When you look at the commission costs, it looks like a LOT of money, BUT (final But of the day) the benefits are huge.

  • We know how to get you and your family through the process with the minimum stress
  • Our advertising – including Open Houses – draws more people quicker
  • Advice can be worth EVERY PENNY – you don’t want to get sued!!
  • Agents can provide all kinds of resources – including home improvement contractors, detailed information on everything from schools to who you have to call to get the gas and electric turned on
  • Our agents will get the best deal for you in the least amount of time

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home – call us.

If you want to help others – give us a review or testimonial – we think we’re worth it!