Are you thinking it’s time to be selling my home? Home sellers often seek out a Listing Agent who is an area expert  in their neighborhood or market area.  They are assuming the agent with the most success will be more likely to direct buyers to their home or their local knowledge and connections will result in a quicker sale.

When selling a home you can work with the “area expert” and their team of agents or you can select someone who is successful, doesn’t specialize in your area but is knowledgeable and comfortable with your market. Here are some things to keep in mind as you ponder your options;

  1. “When you purchased your home did it matter who’s name was on the sign?  Of course not. Buyers don’t care at all about who the listing agent is and the name on the sign will not drive any more traffic to your home. What matters is how good and experienced your agent is.  This has nothing to do with being an area expert.
  2. Agents will tell you whatever it takes to win you over to obtain your listing. For example, if you are interviewing agents ask the area expert how important it is to have an area expert. You will get an ear full about the advantages.   If you called that same agent up and said you had a friend selling a home like  yours but in a totally different area of town I can virtually guarantee you they would tell you how appropriate they would be for the listing. First it was important to be an area expert but all of a sudden it isn’t, if you have a good referral for them.
  3. In theory it sounds plausible that a agent with a high volume of transactions would be able to drive more buyers to their own listings. In a very limited number of cases this may be true. But for the most part agents want to show their buyers the homes they think will work and with technology today buyers often are telling the agents which homes they want to see.  I think sellers give the listing agent too much credit for being able to manipulate the buyer into preferring their home and in my experience it just doesn’t work out that way.

Keep these tips in mind;

  • Pick an agent who understands your community and your needs
  • An agent that has built a team is focused on  volume, which means they spend their managing the team and obtaining new business to feed the machine.
  • Some agents have chosen to not use a large team which means they only take on the number of clients they can work with to have success. Bigger isn’t always better.
  • With a team you will be assigned to other agents to handle your transaction and you won’t exclusively be working with the agent or team leader that you hired.

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