When it comes to determining if a home is a worthy candidate, it’s often the graceful entry, the beautiful deck , or the huge master bath that influence the final decision to buy. The surface beauty of the house, so to speak. But savvy buyers also pay very close attention to the results of the home inspection prior to their purchase. They want to be sure that the house they buy is in the best possible condition. But all too often they fail to take full advantage of that home inspection. It is actually a handy guide to keeping your new home in great shape and beautiful for the long term.

Inspection reports address each of the crucial areas of home maintenance – the areas homeowners need to address for their routine maintenance. Inspectors often point out maintenance tasks to homeowners if they are present during the inspection. Good idea to take notes! Inspectors may also provide information or guides to future maintenance in their reports. Keep that information where it is easy to find!

And if you need it, where can you find help and support for an effective maintenance plan? Home improvement stores offer help and advice as well as how-to classes. And there is help online. House Logic is a great site to check out because they offer maintenance guides that are specific to season and area of the country. Like their “Fall and Winter Seasonal Maintenance Guide — Midwest”.  The tasks in the guides are explained so that you have the information needed to complete them. The site also shares trends and the latest information for many areas of homeownership. You will find the rewards of deep “beauty treatments” for your home are worth the effort!