All buyers are after a good deal.  Some think the best strategy for getting there is offering a very low price.  There is no definitive definition of what low ball means, but in most cases the price is significantly less than the similar homes in the market.  Buyers who justify low ball offers because of what the seller paid for a property are making a silly and weak argument.

As an example, a buyer would offer less money on a property based on the rational the seller got a good deal and that good deal should be passed on.  Ask the buyer if they would be willing to pay more if the seller had overpaid for the house.  Furthermore, why would only a good deal get passed on and not a bad one?  These questions show how silly the argument is in the first place.  In most cases, making a weak offer has the opposite effect of what was intended as it makes it easy for a seller to say no or not even respond.

If you are a buyer trying get a deal, (just like everyone else) the best strategy is to put pressure on the seller and make it hard for them to say no.  Sometimes that means being more aggressive initially.  Remember, its not where you start that matters, its where you finish.

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