If you are buying or selling a home wouldn’t   you want the agents primary focus to be on you?  I wrote a book for real estate agents and while doing my research I came across a book “How to be a millionaire real estate agent”. Basically they adviced  agents  to minimize their time working the transaction because they  can only become a rich agent by marketing and developing a stream of new clients.  According to the book it is wastefull to spend too much time actually working with clients, especially buyers since they are more time consuming then sellers. Plus sellers means listings and listings are the path to more prospects.

Too many real estate agents are more focused on obtaining leads and new clients then they are on the transaction itself. This book reflects the fact that successful agents need to be more concerned about their business plan and lead generation programs instead of working in their clients best interest. They tell successful agent to assign someone else to work the transaction so they can spend their time prospecting and managing the process. Think about this.

The industry is telling agents that to be successful they need to spend less time working with clients and more time getting new clients. But when it’s your time to buy or selll a home what do you want the focus to be? Do you really want your agent more concerned with prospecting and viewing your transaction as a prospecting opportunity or more concerned with  negotiating the best deal possible for you?

Here is a tip. If you are working with a successful agent that uses a team approach be careful if the lead agent is just assigning other agents to work your transaction.  How much time are they spending on your transaction?  How much contact do you have with the agent you hire? If not much this may indicate an agent more concerned with their welfare then yours.