Being a Professional

Selling real estate is a great way to make a living for those who like being on their own, but it IS a real business, so it’s important to focus on being as professional as possible.

That’s where etiquette comes into play.  Etiquette isn’t a bunch of picky or stuffy rules. It really comes down to being polite and considerate, things we all appreciate.

How to Be “The Best”

People like working with others who act in a positive and responsible way.  It costs nothing to be a nice person, and the payoff is great.  When we think of people we believe to be “The Best,” a lot of that feeling is based on the caring way they treat us and others.

It’s a good idea, if you want to be considered as one of “The Best,” to be sure that you live up to the definition of being a true professional – being thorough and acting in a thoughtful manner in the way you do business.

While we’re all in a hurry and trying to get things done as quickly as possible, it’s a good idea just to review the basics of business etiquette.


As real estate agents, we spend the vast majority of our day making appointments – and changing them as well.  It’s not unusual to juggle multiple appointments every day. And it’s also not unusual for others (or even ourselves) get confused or forgetting some because of all the changes.

  • Confirm all appointments prior to any meeting to avoid confusion. The person or persons you intend to meet with may have forgotten or are running late so to avoid lost time and bad feelings take the time to confirm each and every one.   It makes you look more professional and eliminates any mix-ups.
  • If you are going to miss an appointment, let the other party know immediately. Even if you have forgotten and already missed one, reach out to the other party or parties and let them know.  Everybody has had mix-ups, so it’s good to make contact and at least apologize.  A “no-call” shows a complete lack of respect and can have very negative consequences.


  • Offers are more than just important, they are critical. Always acknowledge any that you have made or received and make sure that your clients are completely aware of the situation
  • In a multiple offer situation, particularly, don’t leave people in the dark. The listing agent should maintain clear and consistent communication about what is going on in the deal.
  • Always be sure to confirm the receipt of offers and counteroffers.
  • When another agent sends an offer, be courteous and let them know you received the offer via text or email.
  • If you’re submitting one you should also send a text to make sure the offer/counter-offer was received as it could have easily been deleted or, worse yet, had been dumped into a junk mail folder.


  • Your answering message should be brief and to the point. No one needs to know what day it is or what you have scheduled for the day.
  • State your name (and company) and ask for a message to be left, period. Everyone is busy and listening to a 90-second voicemail is not only rude and a waste of time, it can infuriate the caller and cause them to not leave even an important message.

Texts and Emails

  • Be clear and thorough but don’t go on and on.
  • Texts and emails are now considered “written” messages and should not be frivolous or lengthy. Stick to the point and be sure you have covered all the details, and that you have included your contact information for the other party if they want to contact you.

It pays to be considerate – so be sure you get the most out of your communications.