Every six years, the state of Ohio requires that real estate properties need to be re-appraised.

Each county auditor has to go through each property and determine what its current value – for tax purposes – should be.  This year, Central Ohio is due for the re-appraisal process.

What does a tax valuation increase actually mean?

An increase in tax valuation doesn’t necessarily equal an increase in taxes for a property owner. That’s because of Ohio’s legislation for tax-reduction law enacted in the 1970s.

The goal of that legislation was to limit tax increases in periods of rapidly increasing property values.

The impact of a new tax valuation increase may not be an increase on any one property.  Taxes on an individual property can vary depending upon how that property’s value changes relative to other properties in the taxing district.

The valuation date in question is Jan. 1, 2017. When the auditor’s office finishes its work, the proposed tax changes will be calculated as of that date.  Proposed values for Franklin County have not yet been released because the evaluation work is currently in process.

Property owners should start preparing now and consulting with their advisors to be prepared when the proposed values are released so they are prepared to meet with the auditors if such a meeting is appropriate.

More Information?

For Franklin County residents – if you have any questions about the process, please give the office of County Auditor Clarence Mingo III a call at 614-525-4663 (HOME). To learn more about the 2017 Reappraisal process, please check out this PowerPoint.