In a real estate transaction no one is looking for any problems.  But what if some problems were just opportunities in disguise? Not all problems have to become stressful and can lead to a positive outcome if understood and dealt with correctly.

I had a buyer in contract on a home for $310,000 and the appraisal came in at $300,000. They took this as an opportunity to negotiate further concessions from the seller. If they viewed it as a problem they would have been stressed and not only missed out on how to profit they would have lost out on the house.  It took a few extra days but the seller was motivated and needed to close, so they agreed to a price reduction of $10,000. What could have been stressful turned into a way to save more money on the deal.

The key is to not be caught up in the stress and the emotions. As soon as a buyer becomes emotional they are no longer able to look at things clearly.  Instead if buyers start viewing problems as opportunities they can find ways to benefit.

I have a buyer in contract on a home on a 2 acre lot located within the city limits but still on well and septic. My buyer is understandably nervous about the well and septic and the exposure to more risk.  Instead of being nervous about a potential problem we are in a good situation because the seller has to move and has the money to deal with any problems discovered thru the inspection. If we find a problem now it simply means it will be the sellers headache and expense. If we are lucky we may even end up with an upgrade.

If you are a home buyer work with your agent to help guide you thru the road bumps and if don’t become emotional you are likely to end up with opportunities to enhance your position.

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