Choosing a real estate agent is the single most important step when buying a home. Clearly, everyone is looking for a real estate agent that has a successful sales record, knows the market, and can be trusted to protect their client’s best interest. However, most people start the buying process by looking at homes online and form a relationship with whichever agent spent the money to have their name show up on whatever website. This is a classic example of how a buyer ends up with an agent, rather than interviewing someone with the right qualities and selecting the right agent.

Communication is a large part of this business and styles vary greatly among agents. Therefore, it is important that you choose someone that shares that same philosophy to minimize stress and uncertainty. If you have a smart phone and rely on text and Face-book to communicate, you will be unhappy with an agent that doesn’t have email and relies on faxes and snail mail. If you are a punctual and detail oriented person, you will be unhappy with the agent that is spread thin and shows up late for appointments.

Obviously, there isn’t a single broad brush approach that best suits everyone in the marketplace.  Just be sure to choose an agent that is going to play into strengths and improve your weaknesses.