Home prices in the current market are very attractive, and many potential buyers are hoping to cash in on a great home at a good price.  A great idea, but not necessarily a simple or easy feat, right?  It is still an option that requires money for a down payment and other costs.  Navigating the current market can be challenging and confusing, but there actually is considerable good news that many folks are not aware of.

A good example is this information from the OSU Extension: Their mission, if you didn’t already know, is to help improve the lives of Ohioans through research-based education programs in the areas of agriculture, nutrition, and family and consumer sciences.  OSU Extension, in collaboration with the Economic and Community Development Institute, is currently offering Homeownership Assistance in the form of grants (up to $2,000), as well as educational workshops, to prospective low-moderate income homebuyers interested in purchasing in a thriving neighborhood near the Ohio State campus.

And if you’re employed at OSU or OSU Medical Center, your family may be eligible for up to $3,000.  That’s right – that is a grant, not a loan.  And this is just one of a number of programs and sources of funding from state organizations, as well as private sources, too.  Want to check it out?  Give me a call for more details.  614-582-2416