Everyone knows: buy low and sell high and you’ll come out on top.

Along with the obvious downsides of a recession comes opportunity to some, but who can profit and how?  Here’s my top ten signs you might be a good candidate to capitalize on current market conditions:

  1. You have steady employment
  2. You are not in an industry on a downward turn.
  3. You have savings in the bank to cover several months of unemployment or lack of rent for investment properties.
  4. You have good credit that will be pulled for a pre-approval.
  5. You have at least 3.5% for a down-payment (20% for investors) is easily assessable.
  6. You want to upscale in price point for primary residence housing
  7. If you want to downsize in price; can you rent your current house?  (Downsizing may not likely a good financial choice for most)
  8. You want investment property income, you’re handy, and you have time to deal with landlord head-aches.
  9. You want to take advantage of low interest rates and tax advantages
  10.  You wish to be more in control of your savings/equity and wish to invest in RE.

If you have answered “yes” to the majority of these questions, the current market may offer opportunities for you.  I see great investment opportunities almost everyday. This current RE market is delivering opportunities to buy low with few exceptions in the middle market.  Ten years from now, will we see a 10% annual return if history repeats it’s self?  To be in complete control of the investment, and to be freed from the stock market-I’m betting on my choices…