Our training for new agents is handled by a coaching program. This is a more intensive and personal approach designed to get agents up and running as quickly as possible.

It is a results oriented system for new agents who are interested in building their business and real estate skills as quickly as possible. This is not for someone who just wants to take a casual approach to a career in real estate. It is demanding but it will push you to succeed.  It can be oriented for part time or full time agents. The main focus is on getting clients and hands on training. This is a learning by doing approach.

Other real estate companies invest in the training process but aren’t investing directly in the success of their agents. For them the more agents being trained at once the better. At Revealty we invest directly in our agents and the Coaching approach is most indicative of the what makes us different. We bear the expense and not the agent, which is why we are more selective in who we hire and limit the number of new agents.

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