Here is a great example of a listing that has two pictures, both of them the same shot!  Not much to satisfy your initial curiosity and somewhat frustrating.  Now, if you just love the idea of a log home in a country setting,  you might think it is worth checking out the house.  In this case, the house had some damage to the logs on the back and the inside had been neglected and abused.  But the price of the home reflected those issues and could certainly be perfect for someone who wanted to fix the place up to achieve their dream of a log cabin in the woods.

Just showing the ‘dream’ with one picture might have been a good strategy for marketing this house.  But he problem with just one picture on an MLS listing is that potential buyers don’t know enough to make the decision to go see the house.  Deciding to see your home becomes a random or accidental decision.  The one picture of the log home narrowed the number of potential buyers.   Talk to your agent about what your home’s photos will say about it, and what types of buyers they believe the photos will attract.  Make sure the type and quality of your photos is a deliberate and carefully considered marketing decision that you understand and agree with.