It’s not news that housing inventories are at historic lows.  It’s not uncommon for new listings in particular to have overlapping showings and it’s important to know what to do when there’s a crowd.

Many times several agents and their prospects will show up at the same time and have to figure out what to do.  This can be a tense situation, especially when people are trying to find a place to park, walk through the house and not feel uncomfortable.

Here’s an all-too-familiar scenario:

  • If you’re the listing agent, you HAVE to be more patient than ever in a crowded area
  • Buyers’ agents will be gritting their teeth and trying to keep their clients from feeling tense – remember that you are a businessperson, so make the best of it and let your positive attitude rub off everyone in sight
  • Listing agents showing the home will be struggling to be cordial and keep up a professional approach – as pro football players say about post-touchdown activities “act like you’ve been there (scoring) before”
  • The driveway is packed with cars and there are three or four different sets of agents and clients trying to walk through the house and check out the neighborhood, the yard, get information on nearby amenities (shopping, schools, churches, etc.)
  • It’s noisy and there is an undercurrent of tension because many of the potential buyers have “lost houses” because of multiple offers or waiting too long to decide to “pull the trigger” on an offer and are past anxious
  • It is extremely challenging to keep track of who is coming in and out of the house



Here are a few tips to help keep calm AND minimize potential problems and liability:

  1. Be professional and efficient. If you have a key, NEVER hand it off to another Realtor
  • Always put the key back in the lockbox so they next agent will have to open the lockbox and the listing agent will have an accurate log of who entered the home.
  1. Don’t park in the driveway
  • A driveway crowded with cars makes it more difficult for people to access the house
  • It also means people are walking through the yard and tracking inside the house – not a good way to keep up either curb appeal or a pristine interior
  1. Try to give the other parties space
  • If you enter the house and someone is already inside, try to avoid following them around so both of you have privacy
  1. Again, show your professionalism – BEFORE arriving at the listing
  • Prepare your clients for showings by giving them directions not to park in the driveway or enter the home and or knock on the door until you arrive.
  1. Be courteous to everyone and treat the homes as if it were your own.


These are challenging times for buyers and sellers and sometimes we are forced to do the best we can with the given circumstances.

Good luck and happy house hunting.