If you are thinking about listing your home on the market you’ve probably given some thought to staging. And if there is one thing to keep in mind it is this: a buyer should be able to come into your home and visualize themselves living in it.  That’s when they make the connection, fall in love and, most importantly, visually “move”. Here is just a sampling of suggestions I have for preparing your home for the market:

1. Think about the clutter…and get rid of it! The kitchen, for example, to many, is the most important feature. Even a small kitchen can accentuate its counter space by just clearing away the mail, the toaster, the spice rack, knife rack, etc. Clutter can even be in the form of furniture and in some cases it may be beneficial to move a piece out to give the room the appearance of more space. Try rearranging some pieces and see the difference.

2. Pull up the blinds and let the light in!

3. When it comes to accessories, work in groups of threes. Odd numbers tend to be more appealing. If you have a console table showcasing an array family pictures, try pulling some away and doing a small group of three next to your lamp.

Remember, you want prospects to see themselves living in your home.