If you are selling a home, your agent is supposed to represent your best interests — right?  I thought so too!  This morning I made some phone calls on behalf of a buyer who is looking for an investment-type condominium.  We were off to a great start, the agent answered her phone,  I explained that I needed to know if the condominium association (Association) would allow rentals….she then proceeded to tell me that the seller was difficult to understand — and we don’t have access to e-mail or texting?   I think her point was that she didn’t know, and didn’t care.

So, I asked if the seller might know about restrictions on rentals; the agents’ response this time was “I don’t know”.  Next, I asked the agent if she had a contact for the Association; the response this time?  “I’m only a limited service agent, so I get don’t get into those details.”  Seems to me there is a serious lack of service here.  How would you feel if you were the seller, and the bigger question — how would you know?

If you are selling, make sure that you and your agent agree on the tasks to be done by both parties, and how you’re going to communicate.  Expectations should be clear and as always, communication is key!