Understanding what you should expect from an agent will allow you to effectively select one. You want to know more than just how long the agent has been in business, how many awards the agent has won, or how much volume the agent has generated. Ask questions that get to character: will the agent do what’s best for you or only what’s necessary to close?

Find out:

  • If the agent is working in your best interests
  • Which side the agent represents in the transaction
  • If the agent represents the buyer and seller in the same transaction; if so, how the agent handles the dual agency and how it impacts you
  • How a buyer’s agent creates value; you want an objective view about what makes the house a good deal
  • How the agent will find the weakness of the other side and use that to your advantage
  • How the agent negotiates
  • How the agent protects you in the contract, and what contract terms are advantageous for you