When selling a home, a critical component is how your home compares to listings in your market. One suggestion is for sellers to view their home as if they were a buyer. Now they have to ask themselves, “Why would someone want my home at this price compared to other options?” View your home with a critical eye without clouding your vision with issues like:

  • How much you paid for it
  • What upgrades you added
  • How much money you need to clear on the sale

The market doesn’t care about these issues. If anything, it can devalue your home if you are too motivated by them. It also won’t help you to focus on what matters most, how your home competes.

When needed I take my seller and show them some of the homes they are competing with. We take an hour or so and view 3 to 6 homes. It can be an eye opening experience to walk thru the competition. This helps sellers be more in control and to price their home more effectively.