This is a picture I saw on a listing in the MLS.  Would you want this picture on your lsiting?  If a potential buyer saw it, would it make them want to come see your house?  It is important for you to know that your agent is actually marketing your home when they post pictures on your listing in the MLS.  Agents and their potential buyers will see your pictures when they are searching the MLS and all of the various web sites that feature your listing.   Much of a buyer’s decision to view your home depends on the pictures they see.  If you want to attract buyers, you can see how important it is for those pictures to be clear, to showcase the many views/rooms in the home, and reflect the best of your home’s  features.

Many agents fail to consider the huge impact of those pictures.  They snap a few amateur shots with their digital camera and never consider how those pictures will attract (or turn off!) a buyer.  This picture is a great example of good intentions gone wrong.   It appears the agent is a bit of an amateur and took a picture that definitely did not help his goal of selling this house.   The cost of having professional pictures taken is about $100 and is a very small portion of the agent’s marketing budget.  It just makes sense to check and see if your agent understands the importance of taking advantage of this important tool – and is not cheaping out with agent photos.