A common question I hear from sellers is what home repairs are necessary before listing.

It’s important to prioritize repairs in order to prevent buyers from exploiting them when making an offer or during the home inspection period. My advice, if its broken fix it.

This would include roof leaks, foundation issues, furnace and air conditioner repairs, plumbing leaks, electrical, or overall safety issues.  Think of it like this, if you fail to close the transaction with the current buyer, are you going to have to make the repair for the next person. If the answer is yes, then it makes sense to spend the money and make the repairs.

Keep in mind you will spend about 30-50 percent less money by fixing things ahead of time. Buyers and sellers are under tremendous stress during the transaction, so any opportunity to minimize uncertainty should be utilized. It goes without saying, when a buyer finds a problem, they’re going to want the most expensive and extensive version of the repair completed. The seller of course is looking for the fastest and cheapest repair.

By taking care of it in advance, the seller takes away the opportunity to exploit the situation and you’ll save money in the end. Being proactive will minimize stress, save you time and money, and also get you a better offer on your property.

photo credit: Bobolink via photopin cc