Buyers are anxiously looking on the net for just the right home.  There are plenty of sites with lots of nice pictures of homes to entice you.  The question is finding the ones with reliable information that aren’t trying to sell you something. By far the most reliable information is when you have connected with a real estate agent and they are sending you current listings based on your criteria. As a real estate agent I can simply set up automated searches updating clients with any new listings and price changes based on their search criteria. These listings are sourced directly from the MLS (multiple listing service) and is the most accurate source of listing information available.

All other web sites download the listings from the MLS and their goal isn’t always to provide the most up to date and accurate information. Their goal is to fish for buyers. Most real estate sites use listings as bait to entice buyers to search and eventually they hook you when you leave your contact info. They aren’t concerned with the information being 100% up to date and accurate, they are concerned with obtaining new prospect leads.  Many large sites sell these leads to real estate agents as prospects.

I have a client anxious to find the right home. I set up an automated MLS search so she already has the most current listing information available.  Today she sends me a list of  homes that wasn’t on the automated search but  she found them on another site.   (Being anxious she doesn’t want to miss anything)  When I looked up the MLS status of the homes she sent me every single one was already in contract and not available, which is why they aren’t on her automated MLS search for active only listings.  This other site is using these outdated listings as bait and once they hook her they will sell her contact information to other real estate agents.

There is  no secret list of homes. Once you have an setting you up with an automated search just stick with it. You aren’t going to find another site with some secret stash of homes.