Story:  1)  Seller hires agent.  2) Agent shows house to potential buyer 3) buyer is interested and agent tells buyer to offer low.

Potential result – Agent screws seller because he wants the deal done to get both sides of the commission.  He is certainly not going to call other potential buyers who have their own agent in order to get competitive bids so that he can  get the seller the most money possible.

Actual result – Buyer calls their own agent, listing agent gets mad because he won’t get both commissions, calls other potential  buyers (who have their own agents also).  First buyer is screwed because listing agent is working against them.  Seller still screwed because had listing agent not told the 1st buyer to offer low in the first place,  1st buyer would have paid more!  Everyone got screwed – listing agent got less commission, seller got less money, 1st buyer didn’t get house.