BUYER BEWARE!  I recently did a home inspection for a young couple on a home in Columbus, Ohio.  The home was being sold by a lender that had foreclosed on the house.The house was presented as having central air conditioning.  My practice is to inspect the outside condensing unit while doing the outside inspection.  The electrical conduit for the unit ran directly from a hole in the side of the house with no shutoff switch/breaker and the wire was lying on the ground.  A test showed the line was dead with no current running to the unit.  However, the most interesting thing about this installation was that there were no Freon lines running to the unit.  Upon further inspection, there were no Freon lines running to the inside unit and in fact, the central unit did not contain any evaporator coils.

Did this house qualify as having central air conditioning?  Not hardly!  Just because something is advertised does not mean that anyone bothered to verify the facts.