Sellers want a listing agent to advertise and promote their house. Often an agent justifies a large commission by saying an advertising program, including the Multiple Listing Service, flyers and mailers, and open houses, is designed help sell the home. Don’t believe it. The primary reason for most of the agent’s advertising and marketing is to troll for new buyers.

Agents are fishermen, you are the fish, and the open house, the yard sign, the ad all are bait. You pick up the real estate book at the grocery store and see a home that catches your attention. It seems just what you have been looking for. So you call the agent—you just took the bait—but you’re too late. That home is already in contract. The agent starts to reel you in with charm and talk about experience and knowledge. The agent is the top seller for that neighborhood, has an inside edge to “hot” homes, won’t let you lose out on another opportunity. … Before you know it the agent has you reeled you in.

Ask your listing agent just to be honest and let you know which marketing and advertising tools are really effective. Don’t worry about the others.

Insider tip: Pricing is the most important marketing tool. Proper internet marketing is the most important advertising/marketing function.