If you are a home buyer and end up buying a home directly from the listing agent you won’t have anyone on your side. Simply put you are using the agent the seller hired to get the best price and terms for them.  A listing agent is hired by the seller to sell the house. How can they possibly try to negotiate a good deal for you as well?

If you are working directly with the listing agent and don’t have your own buyer’s agent here is what they will be doing;

  • Negotiating the highest price possible for the seller
  • Structuring the best deal for the seller
  • Controlling the transaction for the seller
  • Selling you a home
  • Helping you with any paperwork
  • Disclosing any confidential information about you to the seller
  • Keeping the entire commission. If you had your own agent they would split it with your buyer’s agent.

Agents have an incentive for you to buy one of their own listings since it will potentially double their commission. And real estate agents wonder why people have trust issues with them.