Successful agents know  to be a true success they need to focus their energies on securing clients. They need to be in control of the home buying process. Their job is to act as rainmaker and continually generate more clients. But when buying a home do you want to be in control or controlling the process? You need to change the dynamics of how things are done so they are on your own terms. But don’t lose sight over doing it the right way versus just doing it your way.

For example, most of the marketing by agents to is secure new clients not to actually sell the home being listed. Think of agent marketing like fishing. They are the fisherman and they are using bait to catch the fish. You, the buyer, are the fish. the bait is their marketing.  To be in control you need to use effective tools. For example, stick with a good web site to gain information and don’t start calling names on signs. Don’t look at real esate magazines in the grocery store. These are primary devices that are not effecient at finding out information. Instead you have to rely on the agent and that puts them in control.