Realtors have the training and understanding to provide guidance on any real estate purchase, and new build homes are no exception.   You need someone in your corner when you negotiate with builders, to ensure that you get the best value.

There are many things that need to be considered when you are looking at the various important aspects of homes that will be built: 

Lot Selection – This is a very important item.  Many times, people fall in love with the way the home looks like on the INSIDE (as displayed in drawings or a model home) and don’t spend enough time evaluating the following;

  1. The direction the home would face, which affects many things –
    • Are you going to have to contend with the evening sun on your patio?
    • Will you have a “hot spot” during summer that will affect how you use one or more rooms?
    • Will there be any drainage or runoff issues due to the position and/or way the lot sits?
    • Does the topography (the way the land contours) impact whether your kids can plan ball in the yard or have a swing set?
  1. Any easements on the lot, that can impact many outdoor uses
    • Do utility or other installations require access – across your potential yard-to-be?
    • Will your plans for a patio, fence, or landscaping be compromised or nixed because of Right-of-Way issues?
    • Will the people around you have the right to walk – or drive – across this property?

Option Choices – which options make sense and which ones sound good but aren’t worth the money?

Mistakes here, especially structural things (like brick walls) have long-term effects

  • Better add the full basement with the tall ceilings NOW because although you CAN change this later, the cost would be astronomical
  • “Trendy” choices may NOT stand the test of time – and affect resale value (think about the ‘70’s and 80’s and you’ll understand)
  • Finally, will things “we can change later” create expenses you might NOT want to absorb later?

Resale – Realtors see lots of homes and know what matters most to buyers.

Most people building new homes fail to account for resale and build a house that suits only THEIR current needs

  • You may not need a 3 car garage, but if you don’t have one and everyone else does it’s going to limit your resale value (Think about all the ONE-car garage homes that have LOWER values than their 2-car garage neighbors)
  • Your agent can also give you a perspective on what you’ll be competing with when you are selling by showing you existing homes in the area
  • Check out the mistakes other people have made and what is needed to give you an advantage (back to the one-car garage dilemma)

You’re paying for it anyway!

  • Most builders include a real estate commission in the price of the house, so you are paying for the service WHETHER YOU USE IT OR NOT

These are the many reasons why you should choose the right agent for a new build.

It can really give you a big advantage:

  • Make sure you get the use YOU want from the home and the lot on which it sits
  • Help prevent you from making costly mistakes that will have a major impact on resale
  • Take advantage of the “built-in” cost for representation