Teaching real estate classes to experienced agents affords me the opportunity to gain further insight into how agents approach their job.  A question I like to ask provides provides an interesting perspective on how agents view buyers and sellers.  The question was, “When you look at your email in the morning and you have a message from a buyer and from a seller, which one do you open first?”  Virtually all the agents gave the same response, buyers.  Why would agents prefer  buyers?

A buyer represents something positive. They are asking questions about a house, scheduling a time to view one, etc.  The task is easier for the agent. Search for a home and get the deal done. But the seller is likely wondering why there haven’t been any showings, why no offer, why isn’t the agent spending enough money to promote the house, etc.

If you are selling your home it’s helpful to understand why. Listing agents have significantly less control over the transacation versus buyer agents because they are driving the deal by searching for homes and making offers. They are initiating the process and the transaction.  When listing a home you are on the waiting side of the deal. You have to wait for the buyer to view the home and for them to decide if they want to make an offer.  The truth is there is only so many things listing agents can do to sell a home.

If you are a seller you will be better off if you realize the dynamics and are realistic about the limitations of the listing agent. You will not be frustrated by the lack of control and you can better partner with your agent to make wise decisions. Agents can not magically promote the home and drag buyers to see it.  When selling/marketing a home it is all about positioning your home to make it as appealing as possible to buyers and to other agents. Keep your agent focused on what they truly need to be doing by not becoming frustrated and demanding the impossible.